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What is the Racing Challenge Racing Car Simulator?

Inside the SUPER 4 racing car simulator

Inside the SUPER 4

Racing Challenge provide the only 8 driver mobile racing car simulators in Europe, the SUPER 8. Ideal for corporate events of all kind and even kid’s parties. Designed and built to allow up to 8 drivers to race each other in Ferrari F355s around some of the best international race circuits.

The various race circuits include current Formula 1 favourites such as Monza, home of the Italian Grand Prix, and Suzuka, the famous Japanese circuit. Old classics have also been recreated such as Long Beach, the street circuit where Nelson Piquet and Niki Lauda both recorded wins.

Super 8 racing car simulator

Super 8 Outside Four Pillars Hotels HQ

The simulators are incredibly accurate and were developed with professional drivers including Rubens Barrichello to achieve this realism. Each can be set up to cater for any skill level. The absolute novice will have automatic transmission and assisted braking. The professional will use paddle shift gears, do all their own braking and will have no assistance from driver aids such as traction control and anti-lock brakes. Alternatively a balance of the two can be achieved.

Super 4 racing car simulator at Chelsea FC

SUPER 4 at Chelsea Football Club

Perfect for all kinds of occasion… We provide a unique alternative to Go- Karting and the many driving simulators already used at corporate events by having 8 drivers racing at once. With a maximum throughput of over 100 drivers per hour we are able to delight large numbers of clients if required. Alternatively we run a great deal of party events for either children or adults. Everyone enjoys the thrill of racing other people whatever their age or gender, and by coming to your doorstep we make it easy for you.

The Race So Far… Racing Challenge began in 2002 with our flagship the Super 8. Over the next four years we built up a sterling reputation with many large businesses and private clients. By 2006 our calendar was packed, the next logical step was to create another Super 8 to share the workload.

Damon Hill on Racing Challenge Super 8 racing car simulator

Damon Hill about to show how it is all done!

We have also been sited as a case study by Google for growing a business through Ad Words and have been used by the organisers of the International Franchise shows in Birmingham, London, Glasgow and Manchester to entertain their clients on their stand!

 Kids Parties and Events on Super 4 racing car simulator

Another Party Success

The quality of our Super 8 means we can operate inside or outside, day or night, summer or winter, giving total flexibility to our clients.

Please Note:For parties,we recommend with the Super 8, a maximum of 24. This is only for supervision purposes and therefore either simulator can cater for any number of adults.