Awnings for The Racing Challenge

Worried that the weather might spoil your day? Is your event in an exposed or open location and you need some protection or a temporary base with seating and tables? Need insurance against the rain? Need heating in winter? DON’T WORRY, we’ve got you covered!

The Racing Challenge Awnings


Large Hospitality Awning:

The Super 8, large hospitality awning

The Hospitality Awning for the Super 8 covers a massive 450 square feet allowing not only the drivers but all the spectators to shelter from the elements as well!

The Hospitality Awning has removable side and front sheets allowing you to choose which sides to leave open, or the option of being fully enclosed.

Racing Challenge awnings can also be fully heated on request with our Arcotherm Space heater.

PLEASE NOT: The large awning is not carried with the Super 8 at all times, so please request it if needed.

Smaller ‘Mitchell’ Awning:

Super 8 with the smaller Mitchell Awning

 The Mitchell Awning for the Super 8 covers just the stage of the simulator. This will still allow room for spectators but does not have the space or versatility of the Large Awning.

Great All Weather Ideas……….Fully covered by Racing Challenge awnings! Give us a call to find out about our fantastic and very competitive prices. Alternatively click on the link below and send us your details:

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