Scout Jamboree Competitive Activity

Racing Challenge Super 8 has been used by many Scout Groups as a great Scout Jamboree Competitive Activity…

Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls at CUBJAM 2016 under SUPER 8 awning before his son’s race

Scout Jamboree Activity Entertainment

Scout Jamboree Competitive Activity

clockfaceRacing Challenge Super 8 allows 8 drivers to race each other in the same race, on the same Grand Prix track at the same time. How exciting is that!

“The Racing Challenge SUPER 8 was brilliant! I will definitely be passing your details on to the organisers of WS 2017!” Linda Hare, WS 2013 Activities Leader.


CUBJAM 2016 29th -31st May, Gilwell Park

WOW 18th June, Builth Wells

LEICS CUB 100 Camp,18-19th June, Mallory Park



WAN-JAM  24-25th May, Bath Racecourse

SCOUTABOUT 28-29th June, Surrey

WINGS 3-8th August, Windsor

HOO 10-15th August, Hants


Racing Challenge offers  great insurance! When it is just too wet and dangerous to operate bouncy castles, Racing Challenge SUPER 8 saves the day by operating non-stop; we have all seen the scene below, much too often lately in the UK.

WAN JAM 2014

WAN JAM 2014

The sun come out at last at WAN JAM 2014

The sun comes out at last!


Scout Activity entertainment

Scout Activity WS 2013 Ardingly, Sussex

Even just as Great for Cubs and Guides as well as for Scouts and Explorers!

Suitable for ages from 7 upwards it is a great ice breaker, activity, challenge, competition and can even be used for team racing competitions.There is a choice of 6 Grand Prix circuits so ensuring no-one will be bored and 4 driver aids so that everyone ‘can have a go’, from the novice to the wanna-be professional!

Why not challenge the Scout leaders to see who really is the best driver?

WS 2013

A happy Winner @ WS 2013, Ardingly, Sussex

With the option of supplying our own electrical supply, this means that the SUPER 8 race truck can be situated literally almost anywhere!

The large Hospitality Awning can cover up to 100 Cubs, Scouts and Guides watching the action, so whatever the weather, the Racing Challenge action continues unabated! We’ve got you covered!

Scout Jamboree Activity Entertainment

Eagerly awaiting their turn

With a full PA race commentary available, the atmosphere in the Racing Challenge certainly can be electric especially when there is a last lap, last corner overtake!

SUPER 8 Race Truck as scout jamboree entertainment

SUPER 8 Race Truck


” The Scouts had a great evening!  ‘Fantastic and Brilliant’ which from teenagers is pretty good. Thanks once again”

Andrew Inkley  December Xmas party 2012
Scout Leader

An example of trophies that we can award for Fastest Laps and Team Competitions. We even have a ready-made Presentation gantry for team photos and celebrations…….. the stage of the Super 8!

Bespoke Prizes for everyone!

Cups ready to be won!